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Welcome to the Crown Ambassador Program, an exclusive affiliate opportunity brought to you by CrownThrive, LLC. As a valued member of our team, you have the power to earn competitive commissions by simply doing what you love - recommending our products and services. Whether you're passionate about natural hair care, community connection, or both, our program is designed to reward your efforts with a generous commission structure and an intuitive tracking system that makes it easy to monitor your success. Join us today and start turning your recommendations into revenue!

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Earn from 15% to 30% commission for life on all qualifying sales.

How it works

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Collect commissions for every sale made through your affiliate link.

Why Join the Crown Ambassador Program?

Competitive Commissions

With a tiered commission structure, your earning potential grows with every sale.

Lifetime Commissions

Earn on every qualifying purchase made by your referrals, for life.

Easy Tracking

Access real-time data on referrals, sales, and commissions with our user-friendly dashboard. Support & Resources: Enjoy dedicated support and access to marketing materials to help you succeed.

Exclusive Access

Get early access to new products and services, special events, and more as part of our ambassador community.

Tiered Commissions

Our tiered commission structure rewards you more as you bring in higher sales volumes.

Empowering Your Success: Together, We Thrive!

At CrownThrive, we celebrate your sales achievements with a straightforward commission structure. Begin at Level 6 with a 15% commission for sales up to $50,000. As your sales climb above $50,000, you advance to Level 5 and enjoy an 18% commission. Crossing the $150,000 threshold brings you to Level 4, where you earn 20%. Achieving over $350,000 in sales elevates you to Level 3 with a 22% commission. Surpass $750,000 to reach Level 2 and receive a 25% commission. Finally, exceptional sales exceeding $1,000,000 reward you with a top-tier Level 1 status and a 30% commission, highlighting our commitment to rewarding your hard work and success.
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FAQs with Requirements and Guidance

What are the requirements to be accepted into the Crown Ambassador Program?

To become a Crown Ambassador, applicants should have a demonstrable passion for natural beauty and community engagement, an active social media presence with a significant following, and a track record of engaging content. Additionally, alignment with CrownThrive, LLC's mission and values is crucial. Prospective ambassadors should be ready to share how they plan to promote CrownThrive products and detail any previous brand partnerships that highlight their experience and reliability.

What happens if I don't meet the requirements for the Crown Ambassador Program?

If you find that you're not quite ready to meet the Crown Ambassador Program's requirements, we encourage you to explore our Crown Affiliate Program. This program offers a more flexible entry point for those beginning their journey in affiliate marketing with CrownThrive, LLC. It's an excellent way to start building your experience and engagement, with the potential to move into the Crown Ambassador Program in the future.

How can I join the Crown Affiliate Program if I'm not ready for the Crown Ambassador Program?

Joining the Crown Affiliate Program is straightforward. Visit and sign up through our easy process. This program still allows you to earn competitive commissions and grow with CrownThrive while developing the foundation needed to become a Crown Ambassador in the future.

Will participating in the Crown Affiliate Program help me qualify for the Crown Ambassador Program later on?

Absolutely! The Crown Affiliate Program is designed to help you build your influence and sales skills, which are key to qualifying for the Crown Ambassador Program. By actively participating and demonstrating success in the affiliate program, you'll be well-positioned to reapply to the Crown Ambassador Program, showing that you meet or exceed our criteria for engagement, sales, and brand alignment.

Where can I find more information about transitioning from a Crown Affiliate to a Crown Ambassador?

For detailed information on how to transition from a Crown Affiliate to a Crown Ambassador, please refer to the resources and guidelines provided in your affiliate dashboard. Additionally, our support team is always available to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have about making this transition successfully.

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